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Italian Prayers for Baking Bread (Baking Prayers)
Originated from: Molise
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Image courtesy of The Library of Congress #3b50331

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For baking prayers said in Molise as well as in other regions of Italy see the recipe category on this website entitled: "X Italian Breads and Pizzas."



Prior to World War II it was customary for home cooks in Italy to say a prayer when making bread, pizza or any other type of yeast dough. The Italian baking prayer was generally said after the ingredients had been mixed and the dough had been kneaded. Prior to the dough being placed in a container for it to rest, the home cook would cut a cross into the unbaked loaf and ask Jesus or some favored saint to ensure that the dough would rise and be good to eat. Back then any mistake on the part of the home cook could have disastrous consequences (E.g., Not having any bread or pizza to eat for a long long while!). The baking prayers said in each region differed from province to province, town to town, possibly household to household..... To read a few of these Italian baking prayers see the recipe category on this website: "X Italian Breads and Pizzas."

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