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X X List of Italian Feast Day Dishes
Originated from: Guardialfiera, Molise, Italy
Occasion: New Year's, Christmas, and St. Joseph's Day
Contributed by: Rita Palazzo

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For recipe see Italy Revisited/Recipes/"Fritters"



According to the contributor's aunt, Adelaide Palazzo, the "sfringiun" made in her hometown were much longer than the ones seen in the photo attached to this entry. The original "sfringiun" made in pre World War II in Guardialfiera were longer in length -- they were as long if not longer than Casacalenda's "scrapelle". In the 1950s when those living in Guardialfiera immigrated to Canada they shortened the length of the fritters as they did not have the extra-large frying pans that were needed to make the dish. Photo: Mary Melfi

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