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NEW YEAR'S EVE and SAN SYLVESTER -- Abruzzi -- Personal Recollections
Originated from: Cansano, Aquila, Abruzzi
Occasion: New Year's Eve and The Feast Day of St. Sylvester
Contributed by: Maria

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On New Year's Eve there was a tradition [in Cansano, Aquila, Abruzzi] that on that day, the kids of the town would go from house to house chanting several rhymes in exchange for various foods (Sounds like a variation on Halloween): "Damme na pizzella/ Puozze fa na citelella. Damme nu caracino/ Puozze fa nu bel bambino. Damme na castegna/ Puozze fa nu re de Spagna." And if the children received nothing, then they'd chant: "Luce, luce, luce/ La casa tua e piene di pucce." English translation: "Give me a pizzella/ and I'll be able to make a citelella. Give me a big hug/ and I'll be able to make a baby. Give me a chestnut/ And I'll be able to be the King of Spain." [Or if the children received nothing they'd chant:] "Light, light, light/ Your house is full of lice." .... The image attached to this entry was taken from the New York Public Library, Digital Gallery # 1587920.

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