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X X List of Italian Desserts by Region
Traditional Desserts of Veneto
Originated from: Veneto, Italy
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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The following list of traditional desserts VENETA includes names of cookies, cakes, fritters, holiday breads, pastries, pies and tarts in alphabetical order:

o Albicocche

o Aranci caramellizzati, carmelized oranges

o Baicoli, twice-baked cookies made with yeast dough [For recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cookies without Nuts"]

o Baicoli Veneziani, Doge's cookies made with yeast

o Biscuits alla Veronese, orange-flavored cookies from Verona [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies without Nuts]

o Brasadelo, yeast cake flavored with lemon zest and raisins [for recipe see Italy revisited/"Cakes"]

o Bialletti, cornmeal cookies

o Biscotti veneziani

o Brutti ma buoni, ugly but nice almond cookies

o Brassadella

o Budino di Prugne, pudding

o Budino di zucca, pumpkin pudding

o Bussola Forte, Spice Cake using nutmeg, cinnamon and white pepper [For recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cakes"]

o Bussolai, "butter" cookies

o Cake alla Veneziana, chocolate almond cake (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Ciambella di ricota

o Chiacchiere veneziane, CARNIVAL fritters [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Colomba Pasquale, a dove-shaped yeast cake which is now popular throughout Northern Italy during the EASTER Holidays Essi or Burane ("S" shaped cookies) [For a recipe see "Cookies without Nuts"]

o Coppette di uova fragola, red grapes and quince desert, flavored with red wine

o Crema con le fragole, strawberry zabaglione

o Crema fritta alla Veneziana

o Crema fritta all veneta, fried custard pieces

o Crepes alle pere carmellate

o Crespelle alla crema d'arancia

o Crostoli or grostoi , sweet fritters often made for Carnival festivities [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Dolce alle mandorle

o Dolce ciocori

o Fartaies, sweet fritters flavored with Grappa

o Faschingskrapfen, fried sweet ravioli (round shaped), using yeast dough, filled with apricot jam or Maraschino cherries

o Fave dei Morte, almond cookies served on THE FEAST DAY OF THE DEAD [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies with Nuts]

o Favette, bean-shaped sweet fritters flavored with rum (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters)

o Favette dei Morte, cookies made for THE DAY OF THE DEAD (November 2nd)

o Focaccia veneta, Venetian holiday bread flavored with marsala, citrus and vanilla

o Focaccine Veneziane, Venetian sugar buns

o Fregolata or fregolotta, cookies using almonds

o Fried Cream [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Puddings and Creams]

o Fritole, fritters made with yeast dough, flavored with rum

o Fritole di Carnevale, ricotta-based fritters made for CARNIVAL [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Frittelle alle mele, apple fritters

o Fugassa de pasqua, EASTER cake made with yeast dough and topped with slivered almonds [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Holiday breads]

o Fugazz, a sweet bread

o Galani, CARNIVAL fritters

o Gialletti or Zaleti, cornmeal cookies

o Grostoi or crostoli, CARNIVAL fritters

o Kaiserschmarrn or kaiserschmarin, pancakes flavored with apples and raisins

o Lasagna da fornel, sweet lasagna flavored with apples, figs and walnuts

o Mandorlato di cologna veneta, almond nougat

o Marmellata di castagne, chestnut marmalade

o Nadalin or natalino, sometimes called Pandore, CHRISTMAS yeast cake

o Natalizia, Christmas holiday bread

Olive Oil Cake, pound-style cake using olive oil, flavored with lemon and orange zest

o Pandore, a golden colored yeast cake sometimes shaped like a star, made for CHRISTMAS festivies [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/ Holiday Breads]

o Pandoro di Verona, a golden colored yeast dough cake flavored with vanilla from Verona served during the CHRISTMAS holidays [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Holiday Breads]

o Pazientina, cake layered with almond cream

o Pesche scaligere

o Pevarini di tregnago

o Pinza, holiday bread, served for EPIPHANY celebrations

o Polentina di cittadella, yeast dough sponge cake

o Potizza alla frutta secca, Slavic fruit cake


o Ricotta Pie, Venetian style (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Pies and Tarts)

o Rose fritte, rose-shaped sweet fritters

o Schiacciata, flatbread flavored with sugar

o Sfogliatine di villafranca, puff pastries

o Sosole, Carnival fritters

o Stiacciata

o Strangolapreti, cake flavored with nuts and orange zest

o Tiramisu, an Italian dessert often made with ladyfingers and cheese, flavored with coffee and chocolate [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/ "Cakes"]

o Torta de noci

o Torta delle rose, rose-shaped sweet yeast dough cake, flavored with vanilla and lemon [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Torta di mele, apple tart flavored with Mostarda

o Torta di noxe, pie made with walnuts, flavored with caramel

o Torta di patate dolci, cake made with sweet patatoes

o Torta fregolotti, cake or extra large cookie (sliced) made with almonds, flavored with lemon peel and liquer

o Torta sabiosa or Torta Sabbiosa, cake made with potato starch

o Venetian Cake [for recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cakes"]

o Venetian cookies, made with almonds (for recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cookies with Nuts")


o Widows' kisses (witwe kusse), almond or walnut macaroons, flavored with citron

o Zaletti or Zaleti, Zaetti, or Gialetti, tea biscuits made with corn flour [for variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/ Cookies without Nuts]



The list of desserts, which includes a number of traditional breads, pizzas and savory unsweetened pies, was compiled from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia. part of "Cucina venta" which includes "Cucina veneziana." Additions and/or corrections are welcomed.

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