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X X List of Italian Desserts by Region
Traditional Desserts of Trentino Alto Adige
Originated from: Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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The following list of traditional desserts TRENTINA includes names of cookies, cakes, fritters, holiday breads, pastries, pies and tarts in alphabetical order:

o Apfelpfannkuchen, CHRISTMAS sweet

o Biscotti di Famiglia

o Biscotti Tirolesi, cut-out lemon flavored cookie or jam-filled cooked [For recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cookies without Nuts"]

o Buchtein

o Canderil di albicocce

o Canederi di marroni

o Canederi di ricotta

o Cannoncini di wafer

o Carrot cake

o Castagne in torta

o Cavalli, a bread shaped like a horse, made for The Day of the Dead

o Chifelini alla confettura, jam crescents

o Crafuns mori Kniekichi

o Crescia sfogliata

o Crostata di mele

o Crostata di rabarbaro

o Cupola gelata 'turquoise

o Feles da marmulada

o Frittata del imperatore, Emperor's frittata, a pancake or sweet omelet

o Frittelle di mele

o Frittelle di pere

o Fritto di mele

o Frutaies

o Gelato fritto su salsa di lamponi

o Gratin di fragole

o Grostoli (or Crostoli), Carnival fritters [for recipe see "Fritters"]

o Kiachln, frittelle with a hole in the center, made for Christmas

o Knodel con le albicocche, dumplings flavored with apricots

o Knodel con le mele, apple dumplings

o Krapfen, donut-shaped Carnival sweet fritter [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Lebruchen, Christmas biscuit, originally made in Germany

o Mousee al caffe

o Mousse di panpepato

o Offelle alla trentina

o Omeletten mit Konfiture, pancakes [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Panforte, a spicy sweet bread or cake [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/ Holiday Breads]

o Parfait alla menta

o Parfait di miele di dente di leone

o Parfait di noci

o Pignolata

o Pinza di pane, cake made with bread crumbs

o Pretzel, taralli-style biscuits flavored with salt [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Taralli]

o Ricciarelli," Christmas almond cookies [For a recipe see "Cookies with Nuts"]

o Sgonfiotti alla frutta, fried sweet ravioli

o Smacafam

o Sorbetto di ricotta

o Strauben / Straboi, Italian coiled sweet fritter flavored with grappa [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Strudel di mele, apple strudel [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Pies and Tarts]

o Sdtiroler Zelten, sweet made of nuts, served at CHRISTMAS

o Terrina di mandorle

o Torrone [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Nougats]

o Torta al mirtilli neri

o Torta de fregoloti

o Torta di carote [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Torta di castagne [for a variety of recipes see Italy revisited/Cakes]

o Torta di Farina di grano saraceno, cake made with buckwheat flour

o Torta di grano saraceno

o Torta di Mele, apple cakes traditionally served at Christmas [for variety of recipes from different regions see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Torta de poia

o Torta di mele e ricotta

o Torta Rovesciata

o Tortino di riso alla cannella

o Tortoleti coi purioni

o Tronchetto ai Marroni

o Tronco di castagne

o Zelten, Christmas fruit cake using dried figs and nuts [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Holiday Breads]

o Zucchero fiorito



The list of desserts, which includes a number of traditional breads, pizzas and savory unsweetened pies, was compiled from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia. Part of "cucina trentina." Additions and/or corrections are welcomed.

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