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X X List of Italian Desserts by Region
Traditional Desserts of Tuscany
Originated from: Tuscany, Italy
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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The following list of traditional desserts TOSCANA includes names of cookies, cakes, fritters, holiday breads, pastries, pies and tarts in alphabetical order:

o Amaretti di Carmignano

o Amaretti di' fochi

o Amaretto santacrocenese

o Amor Polenta, Florentine cornmeal cake, made with white flour and cornmeal, flavored with vanilla

o Baldino (aretino)

o Benzone, fruitcake

o Berlingozzo, Tuscan lemon flavored cake (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cakes)

o Biscotti ai Pinoli, cookies with pine nuts [for a variety of recipes from different regions see Italy Revisited/ "Cookies with Nuts"]

o Biscotti di Prato, twice-baked hard-style almond biscotti often known as "cantucci" or "cantuccini" [For recipe see "Cookies with Nuts"]

o Biscotto col riccio

o Biscotto con l'unto (civitellino, bucunto)

o Biscotto di mezz'agosto

o Biscotto salato di Roccalbegna

o Bistecca alla fiorentina

o Borricche

o Brigidini, wafers, flavored with aniseed [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies without Nuts]

O Brigidini of Lamporecchio, typical sweet of Lamporecchio village in the province of Pistoia

o Bruttiboni, also known as the "almond San Clemente", are typical of Prato; made with almonds, lined with wafers

o Brutto buono al pinoli, kinzica

o Brutti boni di Prato, almond cookies

o Buccellato, ring-shaped sweet buns made with yeast dough

o Cacciucco

o Canestrelli, shortbread cookies [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies without Nuts]

o Cantucci, twice-baked hard-style biscotti, originally flavored with almonds, but which now is made with a variety of additions [For recipes see "Cookies with Nuts" and/or "Cookies without Nuts"]

o Cantucci di San Miniato, cantuccini di San Miniato, biscotti di San Miniato

o Cantuccini, smaller version of "cantucci," a twice-baked hard-style biscotti, generally though not necessary flavored with almonds [For recipes see "Cookies with Nuts" and/or "Cookies without Nuts"]

o Carsenta lunigianes, bread baked on a bed of chestnut leaves and served on Good Friday

o Castagnaccio, cake made with chestnut flour, also known as baldino or ghirighio or Patona; castagnaccio is typical of Tuscany, but it can also be found in Liguria, Emilia and Piedmont, sometimes flavored with rosemary, peel of orange, seeds of fennel or dried fruit. [For recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cakes"]

o Castagnoccio alla Toscana, Tuscan chestnut cake flavored with pine nuts and raisins

o Castagnaccio toscano, chestnut cake (for recipe see Italy Revisited/ Cakes)

o Cavallucci di Siena, CHRISTMAS cookies made with walnuts and flavored with orange peel [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies with Nuts]

o Cenci, CARNIVAL fritters [For recipe see "Fritters"]

o Cenci alla Fiorentina, bow-shaped sweet Carnival fritters, sometimes flavored with rum

o Cenci di carnevale alla pratese, CARNIVAL fritters

o Cenci (Stracci, frappole), CARNIVAL fritters fried sweet dough, sometimes presented as knots (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Fritters)

o Ciambelline, bite-sized taralli [For recipe see "Taralli and Rolls"]

o Ciambelline rustiche, doughnuts

o Cioccolato artigianale toscano

o Coabita

o Confetti di Pistoia

o Copate nere, paste made with quince

o Corolli, sweet bread flavored with anise

o Corona di San Bartolomeo

o Covaccino

o Croccante di sesamo [for recipes see Italy Revisited/Nougats]

o Crostata alla crema, custard-based tart, flavored with lemon zest

o Crostata di marmellata, a marmalade-filled pie

o Crostata di pere al cioccolato, chocolate pear tart

o Crostata di ricotta [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Pies and Tarts]

o Crostata ghiotta

o Cupate, Sienna sweet

o Dolce con miele e noci, cookies shaped like sticks, flavored with honey and nuts

o Dolce di castagne, loaf made with chestnut flour

o Dolce di Mele, apple cake

o Farinata of Imperia, sweet using chickpeas

o Ficattola, sweet bread made with figs

o Fichi al porto

o Florentines, cookies made with almonds, flavored with orange peel, topped with chocolate

o Florentine Cockaigne, cookie made with almonds and candied fruit [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies with Nuts]

o Frittata con gli zoccoli

o Frittata con le Mele, apple pancakes

o Frittelle, fried yeast dough generally made for the Carnival festivities [for variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Frittelle di San Guiseppe, pancakes using yeast sweet dough made for the FEAST DAY OF ST. JOSEPH [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Frittelle di riso di san Giuseppe/Rice Pancakes for ST. JOSEPH DAY, pancakes using rice [For recipe see Italy Revisited/"Fritters"]

o Galani

o Gatto, jelly role style chocolate cake

o Ghiaccia all'acqua

o Ghiriglio, ghirighio (nel Pratese)

o Livornese Cake, made with yeast, flavored with anise, traditionally served at Easter [for recipe see Italy Revisited/"Holiday Breads"]

o Manafregoli

o Mantovana di prato

o Marzapane, almond sweets

o Marzapane di pietrasanta

o Migliaccio

o Migliaccio dolce,

o Migliacci dolci di maiale

o Necci, chestnut flour crepes

o Nociata, pasta with sugared walnut sauce


o Orecchie di aman, sweet fritters flavored with wine

o Ossa di morta, cookies shaped like beans, made for the DAY of the DEAD [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Cookies with Nuts]

o Pan di ramerino. specialty of Florence

o Pandiramerino, an Easter treat, often served on Holy Thursday, presented in small pagnottella circle with a cross cut over it

o Panficato

o Panforte di Siena, CHRISTMAS fruit and nut cake originated from Sienna [for recipes see Italy Revisited/Holiday Breads]

o Panforte glace al cioccolate (torta del Corsini, panforte di Pistoia), cake

o Panforte margherita

o Panpepato, CHRISTMAS sweet

o Pesche al cioccolato, peaces flavored with chocolate and Alkermes liquor, traditionally served for EASTER [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Puddings and Creams]

o Picchiante

o Pineapple biscuits


o Ricciarelli, almond cookies (for recipe see "Cookies with Nuts")

o Ricciarelli di Siena, ricciarelli di Pomarance, ricciarelli di Massa Marittima (marzapanetti alla senese, morselletti) almond cookies [For recipe see "Cookies with Nuts"]

o Riso dolce di San Giuseppe alla Toscana, sweet rice croquettes made for the Feast Day of St. Joseph

o Rosticciana

o Schiacciata, orange-flavored Florentine yeast dough thin cake, made for Carnival, often described as apizza-style treat topped with raisins [For recipe see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Schiacciata alla fiorentina

o Schiacciata con l'uva

o Scarpaccia dolce viareggina, cake made with shredded zucchini

o Schiaccia con i fichi secchi, yeast dough flat bread flavored with dried figs

o Schiacciata di zibibbo, sweet flat bread flavored with raisins and rosemary

o Schiacciunta, lemon flavored sweet flat bread

o Sorbetto di uova, grape sorbet

o Sienna Candy, chocolate nut nougat [for recipe see Italy revisited/Nougats]

o Sfrappe, sweet fritters

o Stiacciata alla livornese, Tuscan Easter holiday bread (see Italy Revisited/Holiday Breads)

o Stiacciata unta, sweet yeast bread, flavored with orange zest

o Pan di ramerino, a bread seasoned with rosemary, originally made for Holy Week and now available year round
Pane con l'uva, rolled out bread dough flavored with red grapes, sprinkled with sugar and served with figs in the autumn

o Panina gialla aretina, a sweet Easter bread flavored with saffron and other spices; served with eggs

o Panini di San Antonio, sweet bread buns made for the FEAST DAY OF ST. ANTHONY

o Panforte, heavily spiced fruit and nut cake [for variety of similar recipes see Italy Revisited/Holiday Breads]

o Panforte di Siena, famous Tuscan CHRISTMAS fruitcake sometimes described as a cross between fruitcake and candied

o Panpepato, heavily spiced fruit and nut cake

o Pasimata, is a type of sweet bread, typical of the city of Lucca and the surrounding area. Flavored with anise seeds. It is traditionally eaten during Lent, and blessed in the church, the day of Easter.

o Pattano

o Quaresimali, chocolate cookies, flavored with orange zest

o Ramerino all'olio

o Ricciarelli, typical Sienese cookies made with almonds, sugar, egg white [for recipe see Italy Revisited/"Cookies with Nuts"]

o Sbrisolana, sweet shortbread using cornmeal and almonds, flavored with lemon zest

o Schiacciata, Tuscan almond crusted flat bread, yeast dough, flavored with orange peel, raisins and almonds

o Schiacciata alla fiorentina, made for Carnival

o Schiacciata con l'uva

o Schiacciata florentina

o Schiacciata (pane) unta

o Schiaccio briaca

o Schiacciunta

o Serpentone, caked flavored with almonds and raisins, formed to resemble a snake

o Sfratti di Sorano

o Stiacciata unta, Tuscan yeast dough sweet bread, flavored with orange
o Toppone o pattano (nel Livornese)

o Torta coi "bischeri" or "torte co ppizzi" in dialect, tart made in Pisa, using a pasta frolla crust, and filled with rice, chocolate, pine nuts, raisins, candied fruit and flavored with rum or Strega, traditional made for "LA FESTA DELLL ASCENSIONE" and/or "Festa dell SS. Crocifisso del Miracolo"

o Torta di riso carrarina, rice custard

o Torta cybea di Massa

o Torta degli Addobbi, made with grapes; originally made for the "Feast of decorations."

o Torta d'erbe della Lunigiana

o Torta di farro della Garfagnana

o Torta di marroni di Marradi

o Torta di ricotta [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Pies and Tarts]

o Torta di riso, pie made with milk and rice filling [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Pies and Tarts]

o Torta di riso carrarina

o Torta di riso di Massa e Carrara

o Torta di riso lunigianese

o Torta di verdure, torta coi becchi lucchese

o Torta salata di Villa Basilica

o Zuccherini

o Zuccherino di Maremma

o Zuccherini del Mugello, zuccherini al paiolo

o Zuccherino di Verno, sweet taralli style cookies flavored with anise liquor, traditionally made for weddings [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Taralli Dolci]

o Zuccotta, sponge cake filled with rich cream

o Zuccotto, pumpkin-shaped cream pudding (sometimes referred to as a cake)

o Zuccotto di Roberta, dessert using pan di spagna, ricotta cheese, orange marmalade and bitter almond liqueur [For recipe see Italy Revisited/Cakes]

o Zuccotto massese

o Zuppa del cuca detta



The list of desserts, which includes a number of traditional breads, pizzas and savory unsweetened pies, was compiled from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia. Part of "Cucina Toscana" & Cucina Fiorentina. Additions and/or corrections are welcomed.

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