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X X List of Italian Desserts by Region
Traditional Desserts of Basilicata
Originated from: Basilicata, Italy
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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The following list of traditional desserts LUCANA includes names of cookies, cakes, fritters, holiday breads, pastries, pies and tarts in alphabetical order:

o Almond biscotti alla Lucani, twice-baked biscotti from the Basilicata region (for recipe see Italy Revisited/Cookies with Nuts)

o Arance al forno

o Biscotti di Sesamo, sesame cookies [For Italian recipes see Italy Revisited/ "Cookies without Nuts"]

o Biscotti glassati

o Calzoncelli (in dialect Cavzuncidd), small panzerotti made with puff pastry of wheat flour, eggs, olive oil (or butter) and white wine. The pastries are generally baked. The filling is made from a mixture of chocolate, almonds (or chestnut), grated lemon peel and a pinch of cinnamon.

o Calzoni di castagne, sweet fritters, often served for CHRISTMAS, chestnut-filled sweet ravioli-style cookies, sometimes shaped like crescents, sometimes like rounds [For a variety of similar recipes see Italy Revisited/ "Calconi"]

o Calzoni di ceci, sweet ravioli filled with chick peas [for recipe see Italy Revisited/Calcioni]

o Cannaricali, a sweet fritter [For recipe see "Fritters"]

o Carchiola

o Cartagghiate

o Cartellate, carteḍḍate, cartiddati, sakarteddete or scart'llati are thin rose-shaped sweet fritters, often dipped in honey or mosto cotto made for the Christmas holidays (for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Cicerata / cicirata, CHRISTMAS sweet

o Copete, almond wafer cookies

o Coupelle alle fragole

o Crema di castagne e vino cotto, chestnut flavored cream

o Crocante, nut clusters [For a variety of Italian recipes see Italy Revisited/ "Nougats"]

o Cuccia, chocolate pudding flavored with pomegranate

o Cusciniedde, CHRISTMAS fritters made chestnuts and almonds, flavored with honey, cocoa, and cinnamon

o Dolci di noci, nut-based sweet

o Falagone

o Fichi fritti, fried figs

o Fragole alla panna

o Fragole d'amore lucano con fichi

o Fritelle, sweet fritters, in some areas made with semolina

o Frittelle alla Lucana, sweet Lucanian fritters

o Frittelle dolci, sweet fritters [For a variety of similar recipes see Italy Revisited/"Fritters"]

o Gelatina dolce di maiale

o Green tomatoes preserve

o Gugliaccio di san costantino albanese

o Migliaccio

o Monte Bianco

o mostaccioli, spice almond cookies [for a variety of recipes see Italy Revisited/ Cookies with Nuts]

o Nastri

o 'Ncartagghiate

o Nocciole di cioccolato

o Ossi di morti, almond based cookies made for The Day of the Dead [For a variety of recipes from different regions see Italy Revisited/ Cookies with Nuts]

o Paparotta

o Pettole, Christmas treats

o Pettole lucane, yeast dough sweet fritters flavored with anise (For recipe see Italy Revisited/ "Fritters")

o Picciddat castelluccese

o Pizza con i cigoli di maiale

o Pizza rustica (cazzola, scarcedda, cuzzola), savory pies generally made for EASTER [for a variety of similar recipes see Italy Revisited/Pies & Tarts]

o Pizzicannelli - dark cakes, made with cocoa, cinnamon, almonds (shelled, roasted and minced), grated lemon peel, coffee and sugar

o Pignolia crescents or croissants

o Porcedduzzi, fritters

o Prciedd


o Raffaiuoli, cakes covered with a frosting made with egg and sugar

o Raviolini

o Rosette

o Sanguinaccio, home-made jam flavored with chocolate and pig's blood [for similar recipes see Italy Revisited/ Calconi]

o Sanguinaccio antico

o Scarcedda, Ricotta EASTER Cheese Pie [For recipe see "Pies and Tarts"]

o Scarteddate, CHRISTMAS sweet

o Semolino Fritto

o Scartellate, sweet CHRISTMAS fritters, also called, Carteddate, fritters drizzled with honey or vino cotto [for similar recipes see Italy Revisited/Fritters]

o Staccadenti, twice baked almond biscotti

o Strangolapreti fritti, sweet fritters named after priests (preti)

o Struffl, pancakes

o Tagliolini al latte

o Taralli all'uovo, often made for EASTER [for a variety of similar recipes see Italy Revisited/ Taralli and Taralli Dolce]

o Taralli all'aviglianese, flavored with aniseed liqueur (for recipe see Italy Revisited/"Taralli Dolce")

o Torta di Latticina alla Lucana, savory ricotta cheese pie

o Torta sbriciolata

o Uova ripiene al cioccolato, hard boiled eggs stuffed with chocolate



The list of desserts, which includes a number of traditional breads, pizzas and savory unsweetened pies, was compiled from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia. Additions and/or corrections are welcomed.

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