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X Italian Sauces
Lombarda Sauce (with roux, chicken jelly, yolks and tomato sauce)
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "Simple Italian Cookery," by Antonia Isola (Harper and Brothers, 1912)

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Two tumblets of white roux
One tumblet of chicken jelly
Three yolks of eggs
Two ounces of butter
Juice of one-half lemon
One tumbler of thick tomato sauce
One tablespoon of sweet herbs, minced fine


"Put two tumblets of white roux and one of chicken jelly into a saucepan, reduce, and add three yolks of eggs mixed with two ounces of butter and the juice of eggs mixed with two ounces of butter and the juice of one-half lemon. Before it boils take the saucepan off the fire, and add one tumbler of thick tomato sauce, strain, and just before serving add one tablespoon of sweet herbs minced fine."


This recipe was taken from "Simple Italian Cookery" written by Antonia Isola (pen name for Mabel Earl McGinnis) and published in English in the United States by Harper and Brothers in 1912. It is believed to be the first American cookbook that contains Italian recipes. For the complete cookbook see www.archive.org.... Photo: Mary Melfi.

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