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X Italian Rice and Polenta Dishes
polenta with sausages
Polenta with Sausages (Baked, layered with sauce)
Originated from: Tuscany, Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen" by Ann Janet Ross (JM Dent & Co., 1900)

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One pound of Indian corn flour
One pint of boiling salted water

Polenta with Sausages
Two or three sausages, boiled, skinned and broken into small pieces
A little stock and tomato conserve
Parmesan cheese


To make polenta

"Stir one pound of Indian corn flour, a little at a time, into one pint of boiling salted water until smooth, then turn out into a dish to cool, in a layer about half an inch thick. When quite cold, cut into pieces of one inch long, and pile in layers in a baking-dish, sprinkling each layer well with grated Parmesan cheese and some melted butter. Bake in a slow oven and serve hot."

Polenta with Sausages

"Make a polenta as above (alla Parmigiana) and while cooling boil two or three sausages in an earthen pot with very little water. When done, skin them, break them into small pieces, and add a little stock and tomato conserve. Lay the polenta in a baking dish, putting some sausage and grated Parmesan cheese between each layer with some bits of butter here and there. Then cook with fire above and below, or in the oven, and serve very hot."


This recipe was taken from "Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen or, How to Cook Vegetables" by Ann Janet Ross. The book was published by JM Dent & Co. in 1900 (London). For the complete cookbook see www.archive.org. For a variety of recipes from this cookbook see Italy Revisited/ XXX Cookbooks in the Public Domain.... Photo: Mary Melfi.

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