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X Italian Pasta Dishes
Macaroni with Tomatoes (using butter, onion, and fresh tomatoes; garnished with Parmesan and Cheddar))
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "The Cook's Decameron" by W.G. Waters (William Heineman, 1920)

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1/4 pound of macaroni (vermicelli or spaghetti)
Half an onion
Puree of two big cooked tomatoes
Three tablespoonfuls of grated Parmesan and Cheddar
Salt and pepper


Fry half an onion slightly in butter, and as soon as it is coloured add a puree of two big cooked tomatoes. Then boil quarter of a pound of macaroni separately, drain it and put it in a deep fireproof dish, add the tomato puree and three dessertspoonfuls of grated Parmesan and Cheddar mixed, and cook gently for a quarter of an hour before serving. This dish may be made with vermicelli, spaghetti, or any other Italian pasta


This recipe (# 182) was taken from "The Cook's Decameron: a Study in Taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes," by Mrs. W.G. Waters. It was published by William Heineman in 1920. For the entire cookbook see www.archive.org. Image: Valentin Alexandrovitch Serove: Jeune fille aux peches, 1887.

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