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X Italian Pasta Dishes
Fresh home-made egg tagliatelle dough (with flour, eggs and milk)
Originated from: Tuscany, Italy
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Taken from "Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen" by Ann Janet Ross (JM Dent & Co., 1900)

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For tagliatelle dough
One pound of flour
Three eggs
Half a tumbler [1/2 cup] of milk
A pinch of salt


"Take one pound of flour, three eggs, half a tumbler of milk, and a pinch of salt, mix up into a paste and work it well. Lay it aside for half an hour, then roll it out very thin and let it dry before cutting it into long thin strips (tagliatelle). Boil these in salted water over a very slow fire for twenty minutes and then drain well...."


This recipe was taken from "Leaves from our Tuscan Kitchen" by Ann Janet Ross. The book was published by JM Dent & Co. in 1900 (London). For the complete cookbook see www.archive.org.... P.S. In Northern Italy tagliatelle pasta dough generally included eggs, but in Southern Italy, particularly in the countryside, tagliatelle rarely included eggs prior to World War II. Photo and notes: Mary Melfi.

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