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X Italian Pasta Dishes
Pasta all'Uovo (Fresh home-made egg pasta dough with olive oil)
Originated from: Abruzzo or Calabria
Occasion: Special times
Contributed by: Dorinda (nee Carosella) Cavanaugh

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Egg Noodle Dough
4 eggs
Pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon olive oil
Flour (about 4 cups)


Add eggs to other ingredients to make dough a little stiffer than for bread, but not too stiff or it will be hard to roll out.

Place dough under bowl and knead often until smooth and small bubbles appear on surface.

Roll out and let dry a short time. Then cut as desired.


Dorinda Cavanaugh's parents originated from two different regions -- her father, Mr. Nicholas Carosella, was born in Castelfrentano, Abruzzo; her mother was born in the United States and her mother's mother was born and raised in Calabria. The recipe in this entry was often made by Dorinda Cavanaugh's mother, Mrs. Ida Carosella. Dorinda Cavanaugh wrote down her mother's recipes and put them all together in a collection, entitled, "Secrets from Nana's Kitchen." The recipe in this entry comes from this private publication; it was called: Pasta/Egg Noodle Dough.... Photo: Mary Melfi.

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