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X Italian Meat Dishes
Turkey/Tacchino #145 (roasted with garlic, flavored with butter, garlic and rosemary)
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Christmas and other special events
Contributed by: Taken from "The Italian Cook Book" by Maria Gentile (The Italian Book Co., 1919)

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pieces of garlic
bay leaf
a hash of corned beef or bacon
a little butter
salt and pepper
tomato sauce or tomato paste


The turkey has been imported to Europe from America, but it is nevertheless a well known dish in Italian families, although not enjoying the popularity that it has on this side of the ocean.

When roasted it is generally larded moderately with little pieces of garlic and bay leaf or rosemary and seasoned with a hash of corned beef or bacon, a little butter, salt and pepper, tomato sauce or tomato paste diluted in water. the breast, flattened, until it is about half an inch thick and seasoned generously some hours before cooking with oil, salt and pepper, is excellent broiled on the grill.


The recipe was first published in "The Italian Cook Book, The Art of Eating Well, Practical Recipes of the Italian Cuisine, Pastries, Sweets, Frozen Delicacies and Syrups," compiled by Mrs. Maria Gentile (New York, Italian Book Co., 1919). Image: from the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

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