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X Italian Meat Dishes
Minuta alla Visconti #128 (Chicken livers with cream, eggs and cheese)
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "The Cook's Decameron" by W.G. Waters (William Heineman, 1920)

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Fowls' livers
Cayenne pepper


"Braize two fowls' livers in butter, then pound them up,

and mix with a little cream, a tablespoonful of grated

cheese and a dust of cayenne. Spread this rather thickly over small squares of ,toast, and keep them hot whilst you

make a custard with half an ounce of butter, an egg well

beaten up, and a tablespoonful of cheese. Stir it over

the fire till thick and then spread it on the hot toast.

Serve very hot. This makes a good savoury."


This recipe (No. 128) was first published in "The Cook's Decameron: a study in taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes," written by Mrs. W.G. Waters and published by William Heineman (1920). For the entire copyright-free cookbook see www.archive.org. A variety of recipes from this cookbook can also be found on this website.... Photo: Mary Melfi.

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