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X Italian Egg and Cheese Dishes
Fritttata col Rise/Rice omelette (using milk, Parmesan and cinnamon)
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "Italian Cooking" by Dorothy Daly (around 1960)

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To serve 4
1 pint milk
4 eggs
1 ounce butter
salt to taste
3 ounces rice
2 ounces grated Parmesan
a pinch of cinnamon


Heat the milk and rice in a double boiler and allow to cook

gently until the rice is tender and the milk absorbed (about

1 hour or a little longer).

Stir in the butter, grated cheese, cinnamon and salt, and when it has cooled somewhat, add the eggs, beaten lightly. Mix well, and fry in hot butter, first on one side and then on the other, or if preferred, bake in a buttered souffle dish in a moderate oven till browned.

Solid, but satisfying, this one.


"Italian Cooking" by Dorothy Daly was published by Spring Books in London, England (There is no publication date given in the book itself, though The Boston Public Library's call number, "TX 723.D295 1900 Zx," suggests the book was published in 1900. However, this is a cataloging error. Possibly, the book was published in 1960 as some other sources might suggest. For the complete copyright-free text see www.archive.org. Image -- Claude Monet Women in the Garden 1865

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