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XXX Italian Cookbooks in the Public Domain
"Italian Recipes for Food Reformers" by Maria Gironci (London, 1905)
Originated from: London, England
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Taken from "Italian Recipes for Food Reformers" by Maria Gironci (1905)

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1 Spinach Soup
2 Lettuce Soup**** [X Italian Soups]
3 Soup alla Parmigiana
4 Milk Soup
5 Onion Soup
6 Egg Soup
7 Tomato Soup
8 Turnip Soup
9 Soup alla Lombarda
10 Cabage Soup
11 Vermicelli Soup
12 Soup alla Forentina
13 Cream Soup
14 Fresh Peas Soup
15 Cordiale
16 Celery Soup
17 Carrot Soup
18 Chestnut Soup
19 Soup alla Napolitana
20 Soup alla Romana
21 Soup alla Bolognese
22 Soup alla Sorrentina
23 Soup alla Contadina
24 Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
25 Maccaroni Soup
26 Haricot Bean Soup

27 Tarragon Sauce
28 Tomato Sauce
29 White Sauce
30 Sauce alla Piacentina
31 Sauce all Veneziana
32 Italian Mustard
33 Sauce alla Genovese
34 Hot Sauce
35 Sauce alla Milanese
36 Agro Dolce Sauce (bitter-sweet sauce)
37 Egg Sauce
38 Lemon Sauce
39 Acid Sauce
40 Spinach Sauce
41 Salad Sauce
42 Walnut Relish
43 Onion Sauce
44 Mayonnaise Sauce

45 Eggs alla Dama
46 Eggs alla Giardiniera
47 Eggs and Rice
48 Savoury Omelette
49 Eggs and cheese
50 Eggs alla Genovese
51 Eggs and Capers
52 Eggs and Lettuce
53 Eggs and Spinach
54 Eggs alla Fiorentina
55 Eggs alla Contadina
56 Eggs Balls
57 Eggs alla Principessa
58 Baked Eggs
59 Eggs alla Marinara
60 Eggs and Tomatoes
61 Eggs alla Romagnola
62 Egg Ragout
63 Eggs and Peas
64 Eggs alla Veneziana

Vegetables and Salads
65 French Beans alla Veronese
66 Runner Beans alla Lucchese
67 Broad Beans alla Romana
68 Carrots alla Veronese
69 Stewed Beetroot
70 Stewed Cucumber
71 Peas alla Provenziale
72 Peas alla Dama
73 Lettuce with Peas
74 Vegetable Marrow alla Veneziana
75 Asparagus alla Lombarda
76 Fried Turnips
77 Turnips alla Veneziana
78 Cauliflower alla Napolitana
79 Fried Cauliflower
80 Cauliflower alla Siciliana
81 Cabbage alla Luchese
82 Cabbage alla Genovese
83 Savoury Parsnip
84 Stewed celery
85 Potatoes alla Napolitana
86 Potatoes alla Parmigiana
87 Potatoes alla Sorrentina
88 Potatoes alla Siciliana
89 Conserve of Toamtoes
90 To preserve Tomatoes
91 Salad alla Reale
92 Salad alla Fiorentina
93 Salad alla Contadina
94 Salad alla Marinara

95 Maccaroni alla Napolitana
96 Maccaroni and Tomatoes
97 Maccaroni alla Borghese
98 Maccaroni alla Campagnola
99 Maccaroni and Carrots
100 Maccaroni alla Lucchese
101 Maccaroni and Peas
102 Timpane of Maccaroni
103 Maccaroni and Apples**** [Pies and Tarts]
104 Maccaroni Pie**** [Pies and Tarts]

Savoury Dishes
105 Rice alla Principessa *** [X Italian Rice & Polenta Dishes]
106 Rice Pie
107 Chestnut Stew
108 Risottoa alla Marchigiana
109 Tomato Rolls
110 Stuffed Tomatoes*** [Italian Vegetables and Side Dishes]
111 Savoury Biscuits
112 Rice Cutlets
113 Savoury Sausages
114 Sausage Rolls
115 Lettuce Cakes**** [Italian Vegetables and Side Dishes]
116 Tomato Cakes
117 Carrot Pie
118 Rice alla Contadina
119 Haricot Bean Curry
120 Cheese Souffle

121 Pudding alla Dama**** [Puddings and Creams]
122 Omelette alla Bambina**** [Fritters]
123 Gnocchi d'Oro**** [Cookies without Nuts]
124 Strawberry Custard**** [Puddings and Creams]
125 Potato Cake**** [Cakes]
126 Fritters alla Sorrentina**** [Fritters]
127 Pie alla Campagnola**** [Pies and Tarts]
128 Fritters alla Romana*** [Fritters]
129 Cake alla Veneziana**** [Cakes]
130 Apple Cake****[Pies and Tarts]
131 Rice Fritters**** [Fritters]
132 Rice Cake**** [Pies and Tarts]
133 Custard alla Romana**** [Puddings and Creams]
134 Amaretti**** [Cookies with Nuts]
135 Panettini (Buns) alla Torinese**** [Pastries]
136 Almond Cake**** [Cakes]
137 Chocolate Biscuits**** [Cookies without Nuts]
138 Biscuits alla Veronese**** [Cookies without Nuts]
139 Panettini (Buns ) alla Milanese**** [Pastries]
140 Apple Sausage**** [Pies and Tarts]
141 Apple Fritters**** [Fritters]
142 Stewed Apples alla Dama [Puddings and Creams]
143 Pana Montata (Whipped Cream)**** [Puddings and Creams]
144 Fritters alla Romana****[Fritters]
145 Custard Rolls**** [Cakes]
146 Nastrini di Monicha (Nuns' Lappets)**** [Fritters]
147 Pie alla Torinese**** [Pies and Tarts]
148 Pudding alla Milanese**** [Puddings and Creams]
149 Almond Cakes**** [Cakes]
150 Stewed Chestnuts**** [Puddings and Creams]

**** The recipes marked with an Astrix are currently available on this website, "www.italyrevisited.org," in the categories indicated; the remainder of the recipes from this cookbook will soon be added.



"Italian Recipes for Food Reformers" translated and arranged by Maria Gironci was published by George Bell and Sons in London, England in 1905. The book contains about 2/3 of the recipes that were in the author's first book, "Recipes of Italian Cookery." It is presented as a vegetarian cookbook. The preface written by "E.B." states: "To provide a cookery-book which should prove satisfactory to the whole of the increasing class of food reformers, who differ so largely amongst themselves as to the amount of reform needed, would be a quite impossible task. While some would like to reform away most things which are habitually eaten nowadays and to return to the wholesome and invigorating diet of the arboreal ancestors from which we inherit our canine teeth (wrongly so called), there are many others who are content to advocate only the discontinuance of the grosser and more barbarous forms of food, consisting of the bodies of creatures who have once had life, while they retain to their use such animal products as milk, eggs, butter and cheese.. It is to the later class that this book will mainly appeal, but the flesh-eater may also use it with advantage if he likes, without running a greater risk than that, finding how palatable and nutritious some vegetarian dishes can be, he may, in his turn, be lead to eschew his barbarous ways and to join the ranks of the food reformers. The greater carefulness displayed in foreign cookery, combined wit the practice so often enjoined in the following pages of using a slow fire in contradistinction to the frequent, if not usual, practice in English households of preparing the food in the least possible time over a scorching furnace, are cardinal points which account for much of the superiority of foreign cookery; while the greater appreciate of the mixture of flavours and the more frequent use of maccaroni, cheese,milk, nuts and other vegetable substances, seem especially to commend the Italian methods to the vegetarian. It maybe mentioned here that this book has arisen from one written by the author some years agao entitled "Italian Recipes." This was addressed to the larger class of ominivorous feeders, and passed through two editions at a much higher price than the present volume. It was then allowed to lie out of print until the present writer, recognizing in it some excellent recipes, suggested that, with the omission of the items containing flesh food in any form and the addition of fresh vegetarian recipes, it might make a useful book for the special class to whom it now appeals. Thus, while in the idea and in some of the matter the book may claim to be novel, about two-thirds of the contents may take the credit of having already successfully passed through the ordeal of two editions. E.B." The book is not yet available www.archive.org. According to the Library of Congress any book published prior to 1923 is automatically in the public domain.

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