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XXX Italian Cookbooks in the Public Domain
"Recipes of Italian Cookery" by Maria Gironci (London, 2nd edition,1892/ 4th Edition, 1900)
Originated from: London, England
Occasion: Any time & special times
Contributed by: Taken from "Recipes of Italian Cookery" by Maria Girnoci (London: Gaskill & Webb, 1892, 1900)

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1 Soup alla Fiorentina
2 Soup alla Parmigiana
3 Fish Soup
4 Fish Soup alla Veneziana
5 Egg Soup
6 Lettuce Soup**** [X Italian Soups]
7 Onion Soup
8 Soup alla Napolitana
9 Chestnut Soup
10 Soup alla Romana
11 Turnip Soup
12 Spinach Soup
13 Soup alla Piacentina
14 Tomato Soup
15 Soup alla Lombarda
16 Soup alla Genovese
17 Cabbage Soup
18 Cream Soup
19 Cordiale
20 chicken or Fowl Soup

21 Salmon with Peas
22 Fresh Haddock with Tomatoes
23 Plaice alla Duchessa
24 Mackerel alla Livornese
25 Whiting or Mullet alla Genovese
25 Baked Mackerel
27 Stewed Cod
28 Herrings alla Napolitana
29 Turbot wih Caper Sauce
30 Eels alla Provinciale
31 Eels alla Milanese
32 Carp alla Triestina
33 Trout and Peas
34 Pike alla Veneziana
35 Tench alla Romana
36 Sole alla Cittadina
37 Mullet alla Livornese
38 Cod Agro Dolce (sour Sweet)
39 Shrimps alla Ferrarese
40 Stewed Scollops
41 Oysters alla Veneziana
42 Mussels alla Napolitana

43 Sauce alla Veneziana
44 Sauce alla Sorrentina
45 Sauce alla Borghese
46 Spinach Sauce
47 Sauce alla Milanese
48 Acid Sauce
49 Sauce alla Piacentina
50 Sauce alla Napolitana
51 Sauce alla Genovese
52 White Sauce
53 Tomato Sauce
54 Sauce alla Cacciatora (Huntress)
55 Hot Sauce
56 Agro Dolce (Sour Sweet) sauce
57 Mayonaise Sauce
58 Salad Sauce
59 Orange Sauce
60 Italian Mustard
61 Anchovy Butter
62 Walnut Relish

63 Eggs alla Veneziana
64 Eggs and Peas
65 Eggs and Spinach
66 Eggs and Shrimps
67 Savoury Omelet
68 Eggs alla Genovese
69 Eggs and Tomatoes
70 Eggs and Cheese
71 Eggs alla Fiorentina
72 Eggs and Ham
73 Eggs and Lettuce
74 Eggs alla Giardiniera
75 Eggs alla Provenzale
76 Eggss alla Luccinese
77 Eggs and Rice
78 Egg Balls
79 Eggs alla Romagnola
80 Eggs alla Contadina

81 Cauliflower alla Siciliana
82 Fried Cauliflower
83 Runner Beans alla Lucchese
84 Broad Beans alla Romana
85 French Beans alla Veronese
86 Carrots alla Veneziana
87 Asparagus alla Lombarda
88 Fried Turnisp
89 Vegetable Marrow alla Citadina
90 Vegetable Marrow alla Veneziana
91 Peas alla Provenzale
92 Peas with Lettuce
93 Lettuce Cakes**** [Italian Vegetables and Side Dishes]
94 Cabbage alla Genovese
95 Cabbage alla Borghese
96 Potatoes ala Napolitana
97 Potatoes alla Sorrentina
98 Potatoes alla Siciliana
99 Potato Balls
100 Potatoes alla Parmigiana
101 Potatoes alla Veneziana
102 Conserve of Tomatoes
103 Conserve of Tomatoes in Cakes
104 To preserve Tomatoes whole
105 Tomatoes alla Fiorentina
106 Tomato Cakes
107 Tomato Rolls

108 Home made Maccaroni
109 Maccaroni alla Bolognese
110 Sweet Maccaroni
111 Maccaroni with Cheese and Eggs
112 Maccaroni with Anchovies and Butter
113 Maccaroni alla Napolitana
114 Cutlets with Maccaroni
115 Maccaroni Pie alla Siciliana
116 Maccaroni Pie alla Napolitana
117 Maccaroni Pie alla Cittadina
118 Timpane of Maccaroni
119 Maccaroni Soup
120 Stewed steak and Maccaroni
121 Maccaroni with Tomatoes
122 Chicken or Fowl with Maccaroni
123 Maccaroni Stew alla Napolitana

124 Small Turkey alla Goldoni
125 Turkey alla Principessa***
126 Turkey alla Cittadina***
127 Fowl alla Lombarda
128 Chicken or Fowl with Tomatoes
129 Chickens or Fowls with Asparagus
130 Pigeons alla Sorrentina
131 Pigeons with Peas
132 Pigeons alla Veronese
133 Duck alla Piacentina
134 Ducks alla Siciliana
135 Goose alla Genovese
136 Goose alla Marchesa
137 Quails alla Madama
138 Patridges alla Lombarda
139 Pheasant alla Baronessa
140 Hare all'Italiana
141 hare alla Lombarda
142 Rabbits alla Contadina
143 Rabbits alla Borghese
144 Rabbits alla Genovese

145 Stew alla Forentina
146 Stew alla Cittadina
147 Cutlets alla Milanese
148 Beef Rolls
149 Calf's Head alla Regina
150 Calf's Head fried
151 Calf's Feet alla Fiorentina
152 Calves' Feet fried
153 Ox Kidney alla Milanese
154 Ox Kidney alla Bolognese
155 Liver alla Veneziane
156 Liver alla Cittadina
157 Sweetbreads alla Regina
158 Sweetbreads alla Modenese
159 Tripe all Lucchese
160 Tripe alla Fiorentina
161 Brains alla Veneziana
162 Fried Brains
163 Fried Polpette
164 Polpette alla Napolitana
165 Fritters alla Campagnola
166 Fried Sausage Rolls
167 Sausages alla Triestina
168 Bologna Sausage
169 Sausages alla Napolitana
170 Poletta (Porridge)
171 Gnocchi (Dumplings) alla Lombarda
172 Risotto alla Marchigiana
173 Rice alla Principessa *** [X Rice and Polenta Dishes]
174 Rice pie
175 Piccatiglio
176 Chestnut Stew
177 Pan Ripieno (Loaf Pie)*** [X Italian Meat Dishes]
178 Pie alla Veneziana

179 Pudding alla Dama**** [Puddings and Creams]
180 Pudding alla Contadina**** [Puddings and Creams]
181 Apple Sausage**** [Pies and Tarts]
182 Pudding alla Milanes**** [Puddings and Creams]
183 Almond Pudding**** [Puddings and Creams]
184 Pudding alla Piacentina*** [Puddings and Creams]
185 Pie alla Romagnola**** [Pies and Tarts]
186 Pie alla Campagnola**** [Pies and Tarts]
187 Gnocchi d'Oro **** [Cookies without Nuts]
188 Nastrini di Monache **** [Fritters]
189 Fritters alla Fiorentina*** [Fritters]
190 Apple Fritters**** [Fritters]
191 Fritters alla Romana**** [Fritters]
192 Rice Fritters**** [Fritters]
193 Pana Montana**** [Puddings and Creams]
194 Custard alla Romana**** [Puddings and Creams]
195 Strawberry Custard**** [Puddings and Creams]
196 Custard Rolls**** [Cakes]
197 Almond Cake**** [Cakes]
198 Rice Cake**** [Pies and Tarts]
199 Panettini (Buns) alla Torinese**** [Pastries]
200 Panettini alla Milanese**** [Pastries]
201 Biscuits alla Veronese**** [Cookies without Nuts]
202 Chocolate Biscuits**** [Cookies without Nuts]
203 Stewed Chestnuts**** [Puddings and Creams]
204 Stewed Pears alla Dama**** [Puddings and Creams]

1 Cauliflower alla Napolitana
2 Spinach Balls
3 Turnips alla Venziana
4 Peass alla Dama
5 Chicken alla Losandiera
6 Hare alla Contadina
7 Rabbit alla Milanese
8 Pigeons alla Romana
9 Stewed Lambs' Head
10 Stewed Sheep's Tongue
11 Mutton alla Piacentina
12 Mutton Chops alla Napolitana
13 Calf's Liver alla Genovese
14 Veal alla Fiorentina
15 Ox Tail alla Campagnola
16 Ox Tongue alla Fiotentina
17 Fritters alla Sorrentina**** [Fritters]
18 Potato Cake**** [Cakes]
19 Omelette alla Bambina**** [Fritters]
20 Cake alla contadina**** [Cakes]
21 Apple Cake****[Pies and Tarts]
22 Pudding alla Contessa** [Puddings & Pies]
23 Amaretti**** [Cookies with Nuts]
24 Cake alla Veneziana**** [Cakes]

**** The recipes marked with an Astrix are currently available on this website, "www.italyrevisited.org," in the categories indicated; the remainder of the recipes from this cookbook will soon be added.



The fourth edition of "Recipes of Italian Cookery" translated and arranged by Maria Gironci was published in 1900 by Gaskill & Webb in London, England. The second edition as noted in openlibrary.org (no ebook is yet available) was published in 1892. www.archive.org does not yet have the book on its website. Any book published prior to 1923 is automatically in the public domain; anyone can reprint them.... Maria Gironci notes in her introduction to the 1900 edition: "From several Italian cookery books and manuscripts I have selected some of the least expensive and complicated recipes, which I have endeavoured to make easy to carry out. The English cookery is good, but somewhat montonous, and at times too substantial. Attention has lately been drawn to the Italian cookery, and in Mr. Montague [Mattieu] Williams' valuable book on the "Chemistry of Cook [Cookery]," mention is made of the want of Italian recipes, especially those with cheese, of which many will be found in this book. Maccaroni is now much more used in England by all classes, and compliants are made of the lack of recipes for cooking it; these will also be found in this book. The origin of maccaroni dates back to one of the old kings of Naples, who constantly taxed the inventive powers of his cook. One day a dish was put on the king's table of which he highly approved, and upon enquiring of the cook and the expense of the new dish, the man mentioned a sum which in those days was thought high, therupon the king exclaimed, "Buoni, maccaroni," "Good, but very dear," hence the name of maccaroni or maccheroni. The stoves now in use facilitating the regulation of the heat required for the various dishes, renders cooking easy. It may also be hoped that in the near future cooking by electricity will be within the means of many, and will lead to the greater variety of light dishes in which English cookery has hitherto been deficient. I conclude with the old Italian proverb. "Chi mangia bene, dorme bene/Who eats well, sleeps well." Maria Gironci.

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