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Caragna (Caragnoli) di Larino (Illustration of original design)
Originated from: Larino, Molise
Occasion: Christmas and special occasions
Contributed by: Donna Crosto

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Donna Crosto notes that this style of "caragna" or "caragnoli" (spellings vary throughout Molise) which has the look of a "crown," was popular in Larino, Molise during the 1930s. To make it one required a cooking utensil called a "petre" (For a photo of the utensil go towards the end of this category, Fritters, and check out the entries entitled: "Caragna (Caragnoli) Cooking Utensil/'Petre' Pictures No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3"). Making the sweet fritters was labour intensive -- generally 3 to 4 home cooks were needed to cook the delicacies. The caragna seen in the photo used to be made by Donna Crostor's grandmother, but the recipe for the fritter was never written down as Donna's grandmother used to make it "by eye" and now the exact proportions for the ingredients needed for the fritter are not known.

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