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Scrippelle Timbale or Scrippelle Teramane (Abruzzesi scrippelle in the pot, with minced beef and spinach filling)
Originated from: Teramo, Abruzzo
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Mary Melfi

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For various "scrippelle" recipes see "X Italian Pasta Dishes" and "Italian Soup Dishes." For recipes for "screppelle," the Molisani fried columns of dough recipes, see "Fritters."



In Molise the word, "screppelle," refers to fried yeast dough but in Abruzzo the very similar word, "scrippelle," refers to Italian-style crepes. For the dish shown in the photo in this entry go to Italy Revisited -- "X Italian Pasta Dishes." For the classic scrippelle dish that uses chicken broth instead of tomato sauce, called "scrippelle 'mbuse," go to Italy Revisited -- "X Italian Soups." For variations on this Abruzzo dish see Italy Revisited -- "X Italian Soups" and "X Italian Pasta Dishes." As noted the Molisani recipe called "screppelle" (spelled with an e rather than an i) is very different from Abruzzo's "scrippelle" recipe. For various "screppelle" recipes check various entries in Italy Revisited/"Fritters."

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