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Cookies without Nuts
Tarallucci di Vino
Tarallucci di Vino (Bite-sized taralli, with yeast, flavored with olive oil, fennel and white wine)
Originated from: Pallo del Colle (near Bari), Puglia, Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Gerry Vessia and Mary Melfi

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For recipe see "Taralli"



The word, tarallucci, is used for a number of very different kinds of sweets. Sometimes a tarallucci is a cookie and sometimes it is a bite-sized taralli. Both type of recipes have dozens of variations. For a popular bite-sized taralli-style "tarallucci di vino" recipe from the Puglia region see "Taralli and Roles." Photo: Mary Melfi.

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