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Cookies without Nuts
Naples Biscuits (using flour, powdered sugar, eggs and rosewater)
Originated from: Naples, Campania, Italy
Occasion: Any time
Contributed by: Taken from "A Poetical Cook-Book" by Maria J. Moss (1864)

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3/4 pound of fine flour
1 pound of powdered sugar
6 eggs
A spoonful of rosewater


Put three quarters of a pound of fine flour to a pound of powdered sugar; sift both together three times; then add six eggs beaten well, and a spoonful of rosewater; when the oven is nearly hot, bake them.


This recipe was taken from "A Poetical Cook-Book" by Maria J. Moss. The cookbook was published by Caxton Press of C. Sherman, Son & Co. in 1864 in Philadelphia. For the complete copyright-free cookbook visit www.gutenberg.org.... This cookbook combines poetry with recipes. The poem that introduces this recipe is the following verse by King: "Though I've consulted Holinshed and Stow/ I find it very difficult to know/ Who, to refresh the attendants to a grave/Burnt claret first or 'Naples biscuit' gave.'Photo: Mary Melfi.

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