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Cookies without Nuts
Fan-shaped Chocolate-Coated Pizzelle
Originated from: Italy and North America
Occasion: Special times
Contributed by: Mrs. Benevento (as told to Mary Melfi)

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Pizzelle dough, preferably flavored with vanilla
Semi-sweet chocolate, melted, and still a bit warm

Equipment needed
A pizzelle maker


o Make the dough for the pizzelle cookies in the usual manner.

o Place a small chunk of dough in the pizzelle maker.

o As soon as the pizzelle cookie is cooked, while it is still warm fold it in half, then refold it a second time to get the desired fan-like shape (P.S. The warmer cookie is, the better it is as a cooled pizzelle cookie will not bend but break -- however, the heat of the cooked pizzelle can easily burn one's fingers, so one has to be rather careful).

o Dip the bottom (about 1 inch) of the folded pizzelle in a pot of warmed up semi-sweet melted chocolate.

o Place the pizzelle on a platter and allow to cool.

o Continue processing the dough until all of it is used up.

o Store the pizzelle cookies in the fridge until needed.


The fan-shaped pizzelle shown in this entry was made by Mrs. Benevento who credits the unique design to her sister. The lady who took the photo, Mary Melfi, who had the pleasure of devouring Mrs. Benevento numberous sweets at a bridal shower, believes that Mrs. Benevento's cookies and pastries are as good, if not better, than those made by any professional pastry chef living on the planet today. Mrs. Benevento has mastered and perfected a vast number of traditional Italian dessert recipes but she would prefer that the recipes stay within the confines of her own family.

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