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Nut Cake (without wheat flour, with rice flour and almonds)
Originated from: Italy
Occasion: Special times
Contributed by: Taken from "Practical Italian Recipes" by Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti (Washington, D.C., 1918)

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1/4 lb rice flour
6 oz sugar
4 oz butter
4 eggs
4 oz almonds and filberts


"Blanch the almonds and filberts and dry them thoroughly. Grind them very fine and mix with the rice flour and two tablespoons of the sugar. Beat the eggs light and beat in the rest of the sugar. Pour the eggs into the other mixture and beat all very light. Add the melted butter and continue to beat. Pour into a buttered loaf-cake tin and bake in a moderate oven."


This recipe was taken from "Practical Italian Recipes, sold for the Benefit of Italian War Orphans," by Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti. It was published in Washington, D.C. in 1918. For the entire copyright-free cookbook see www.archive.org. A variety of recipes from this cookbook can also be found on this website....Photo: Mary Melfi.

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