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Molise Casacalenda
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Casacalenda -- Around the World
Date: Current
Notes: "Since the end of World War II until the 1970s, Casacalenda'ss population declined considerably due to emigration. The places of choice for these emigrants were the Canadian cities of Montreal and Toronto. Montreal even has its own Casacalenda Association. Duncan B.C. also has a sizable community per its population." Also, noted in Wikipedia is the fact that Molise has had the highest rate of immigration per capita. Of all the towns in Italy, Casacalenda in the province of Campobasso and in the region Molise, ranks as the No. 1 place where most people (per capita) left for other areas of the world. For travel pictures of the countries those from Molise chose to immigrate to see the category: "Little Italies/Around the World.".
Contributed by: Text, Wikipedia; image courtesy of The New York Public Library, Digital Gallery

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