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XXX New This Month
Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Originated from: Chicago and New York
Occasion: Culinary Arts Institute's Italian Food Festival
Contributed by: Webmaster, Mary Melfi; image courtesy of the NYPL Digital Gallery

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The best money can buy.


Follow directions word by word and come out ahead.


This month I spent a lot of time looking through some old Italian cookbooks which can be borrowed for free at www.openlibrary.org. I had done this before, but as there is so much material available, I revisited the site and once again took pleasure in its offerings. Many of the cookbooks, published in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, are absolutely wonderful. The recipes are authentically Italian and generally speaking the directions are clear and easy to follow. One of my favorite cookbooks is Chicago's Culinary Arts Institute "Italian Cookbook, Traditional recipes tested for today's kitchens (1977)." It might be one of the first (if not the first) cookbook that divides the Italian recipes by region. I tried a number of recipes from this book and they all turned out to my satisfaction (And I'm a picky eater!). Other cookbooks that I recommend that can be found at www.openlibrary.org are: "Better Homes and Gardens, Italian Cookbook (1979)", "The Talisman Italian Cook Book by Ada Boni (1950)", "Sunset Italian Cook Book from Antipasto to Zabaglione (1981)", "Italian Cooking, a Treasury of Italian Dishes for Every Occasion" by Luisa de Ruggieri (1973)," "The Romagnolis' Table by Margaret and G. Franco Romagnoli (1975)," "Italian Cookbook by Margaret Fulton (1973)," "More Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan (1978)," "Italian Cookbook for Quantity Service by Harry Caleva (1956)," "The Cooking of Italy: Recipes by Waverley Root (1968)", "The Flavor of Italy in recipes and pictures," by the Chamberlains" (1965)," "Italian Cooking by Dorothy Daly (1960)," "The Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Lo Pinto (1972)," "Southern Italian Cooking by Valentina Harris (1990)" and last by not least, "The Food of Southern Italy," by Carlo Middione (1987)." There are other very good cookbooks on this site. One simply has to search for "Italian cookery" and one gets hundreds of titles (Searching for "Italian cookbooks" isn't as effective, as one gets fewer titles to choose from). Www.openlibrary.org is a dream come true for any individual who loves to read. For the first time in history one does not have to be rich to be enriched with by the written word. This is democracy in action. Viva l'Internet! A world of books without borders. Joy, peace and pleasure to one and all.

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